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Art Styles
Abstract Expressionism
Objectification Of Reality
Personal Self-Expression
Abstract Expressionism

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Art that addressed the entire body of work as one unified form of expression

This term was at first loosely applied to Vasily Kandinsky’s early abstract works, but it is best understood in reference to an American artistic movement that sprang up in New York in the 1940’s, who fiercely resisted even being called ‘abstractionists’. This wasn’t a cohesive group that worked together or in tandem. Rather the term refers to many different artists with one common denominator.

This blurred distinction has brought on something of a mess in art history literature, and this group is also referred to as “Art Autre”, “Art Informal”, “Tachisme” or “Abstraction Lyrique” in some combination or other. The dispute over their abstractionism may have its roots in the fact that these painters certainly did not attempt to make abstracts in the same manner common to the European artists at the time.

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 ACME fine art , Boston, MA, USAFine Art Gallery 
 Lietuvos Aido Gallery , Vilnius, LithuaniaOnline Gallery 
 McCormick Gallery , Chicago, IL, USA Fine Art Gallery 
 Nächst St. Stephan  , Vienna, Austria Fine Art Gallery 

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