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Alpha Gallery

Alpha Gallery was founded in 1967 with a mission to represent the best of contemporary art in the Boston area. Over the years, the gallery repertoire has expanded to include artists from other areas of the country, as well as modern master prints and American masters of the 20th century.

The gallery exhibits work ranging from representation to pure abstraction. It is our belief that an artist's work should be judged on its own terms and that one can have strong responses to a variety of aesthetic approaches. Although the primary focus is on painting, we carry works on paper and mixed media, and sculpture as well.

We have always been interested in helping young artists launch their careers. For the last 32 years, the gallery has presented an annual "New Talent" exhibition comprised of artists who are new to our audience.

Exhibitions of emerging, mid-career and established artists are punctuated by special shows of master artists such as Pablo Picasso, Fairfield Porter, Max Beckmann, Arnulf Rainer, Arthur Dove, John Marin, as well as Milton Avery, whose estate we represent.

Alpha Gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of America and a founding member of the Boston Art Dealers Association.

Selected Artists: Eric Aho, Ben Aronson , John Atkin , Milton Avery , Gideon Bok , Matt Brackett , Bernard Chaet, Katharina Chapuis , Susanna Coffey , Aaron Fink , Nancy Hagin, Haley Hasler, David Kapp , Reed Kay , Gyorgy Kepes, Kathy Kissik , Wlodzimierz Ksiazek , Anne Neely, Graham Nickson, Scott Prior, Katherine Pavlis Porter, Paul Resika, Barbara Swan, Suzanne Vincent, Kevin Wixted, Hiro Yokose, Andrew Young.

Coming Exhibitions:
Summer Selections
July 6 - September 13, 2006

New Talent
June 3 - 30, 2006

 Contact Information:
email: alphagall@aol.com

Alpha Gallery
38 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116

Alan Fink, President
Joanna E. Fink, Director
Justin Tiernan, Gallery Assistant

Phone: (617) 536-4465
Fax: (617) 536-5695

 visit website:

  • www.alphagallery.com/

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