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Amanda Knowles

Artist's Statement
Amanda Knowles - Mixed Media

My work is a personal response to science. Coming from a scientific family I have always been around science and the language of science. Taking this information from its original context and repositioning it in the world of art has led me to a translation. My work pieces together scientific data and abstract shapes, the raw material, creating a visual language that interprets the processing of ideas. My work investigates scientific information in the artistic realm, subordinating linear thought and the knowledge base from which the information originates to create an aesthetic interpretation of the moments leading to understanding. As informational images are taken out of the circumstances that allow them to convey that information the results become different solutions to a different type of experimentation. If the utilitarian intent is taken away from the image and instead the art-based idea is instilled the idea of the image changes. I use these images to create a translation of science that speaks to not having done the homework. No longer are these specific images about specific ideas or relevant meanings, but are put into a context where everyone can glean something from them, using the kind of looking that art requires and not science. I find great beauty in the ways that science strives to organize and order the world. My recent work is concerned with the ideas of structuring and space that are related to this organization.

 Amanda Knowles art styles:
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 Contact Information:
email: amandaknow@yahoo.com

phone: (206)853-5993

mailing address:
14527 26th Avenue NE Shoreline, WA 98155

 visit artist's website:

  • www.amandaknowles.com

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