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Ami Cohen Banker

Artist Statement: I work in a variety of mediums: acrylic, oil, pastels, aquarelle, oil sticks, varnishes, glazes, finishing and surface techniques. I am exploring basic issues of opacity, color, form, depth, obfuscation and revelation in life, language and in art-- I can not help but be influenced by philosophy, poetry, literature, psychological symbolism, fairy tales, music , myths, conceits, and metaphors, especially of strong feminist models-- women's conflicting roles in a changing time throughout the centuries.

I am using background in design, 2nd and 3rd dimensional techniques and aesthetics. My background is integrated with my writing, psychology, my early childhood and life experiences evolving as a woman and mother combining international study to explore these issues in an organized but abstract way. I tend to reinvent the same themes, work from a structure and then proceed by distressing, demolishing, recreating and saving. My major themes are inner restoration and survival, challenging always reality vs. myth

Recent Exhibitions:
2006 Spring Joy, CVB Space, NYC; DaArs Foundation, Milan, Italy; Recent Drawings and Watercolors, National Association of Women Artists Gallery, NYC
2005 The Relicts Multi-Media Project, CVB Space, NYC; The Lady Who Felt the Earth, Eickholt Gallery, NYC; Dag Hammarskjold Lobby Gallery, NYC; Recent Paintings, CVB Space, NYC
2004 D’Ars Foundation, Milan, Italy; Ezaire Gallery, NYC; Cadena Studios, NYC
2003 Ezaire Gallery, NYC; La Vuelta, Long Island City, NY; Metropolitan Opera House Art Gallery, NYC
2002 J. Mavec & Company, NYC; Ezaire Gallery, NYC; Howland Art Center, Beacon, NY; La Vuelta, Long Island City, NY

Art Fairs:
2005 Armory Show, NY Arts Magazine Presentation, NYC; AAF Contemporary Art Fair, AWOL Gallery, NYC

Public Collections (selected):
University of Southern Minnesota, Marshall, MN;
Queensborough Community College, Queens, NY;
University of Indiana, Sculpture Park, Bloomington, IN;
Roosevelt Hospital, Oncology Department, NYC;
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY;
Urban Group Marketing, NYC;
Warner Brothers, NYC;
Fox Studios, NYC;

 Ami Cohen Banker art styles:
  • Abstract

  • Contemporary

  •  Contact Information:
    email: amycohenbanker@earthlink.net

    If you are interested in one of the ARTWORKS in the artist's current collection or in commissioning a piece you may email the artist or contact at:
    646-336-8387 or 212-722-4933

     visit artist's website:

  • www.amycohenbanker.com

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