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Garrett Yamasaki

An emerging artist balancing the meeting point between spirituality and metropolitan lifestyle, Garrett Yamasaki's work suggests an influence of Eastern philosophy, religion, and design. His most recent collection, "Still", continues to express the concept of being motionless in a culture of perpetual movement. His prints are quiet, meditative, and reflective, with subtle undertones of Buddhism and Taoist methodology flowing throughout. Upon closer inspection, a feeling of isolation and seclusion becomes evident through his tightly framed shots eliminating the possibility that these images be mistaken as traditional scenics.

Clean lines and economic use of space show an affinity toward Japanese design, most evident in his use of a contemporary lustre laminated board mount as opposed to conventional mat framing. This suitably stark form of presentaion combined with the large scale of his prints gives a sense of tangibility to scenes in contrast to traditionally framed 8x10 or 16x20 pieces.

 Garrett Yamasaki art styles:
  • Asian

  • Contemporary

  • Floral

  • Realism

  • Spiritual

  •  Contact Information:
    email: garrett310@juno.com

    For questions regarding pricing or to arrange for a private viewing
    please email or call 310.586.0891

     visit artist's website:

  • http://www.garrettyamasaki.com/

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