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Keiko Miyamori

Originally from Japan, Keiko Miyamori currently resides in the United States where her grandmother was born. Her background and training is in traditional Japanese painting which makes use of natural materials like washi paper and sumi ink made with mineral pigments. These pigments are a continuing source of inspiration, and she uses these to transform everyday objects into works of art.

Artist's Statement:

My art reflects my strong desire to learn from nature and create a better world around me. During the past three years that I have lived in Philadelphia, I have come to see the world in ways that I never thought possible, and this broader perspective is now reflected in my art.

The way I work is that I use a charcoal rubbing technique that produces prints on traditional Japanese washi paper. I use various objects to produce different concepts of layers and space in the natural world.

Most importantly, I believe that what is transferred from object to paper is more than just physical markings. Rather, it is the very "soul" of the natural object. The result is a powerful medium to reveal our sacred relationship with the physical world and inspire others to live in harmony with nature.

 Keiko Miyamori art styles:
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 Contact Information:
email: info@princewoods.com



P.O.BOX 11771
Philadelphia, PA 19101


1-21-8 Nagata-minami
Minami-ku, Yokohama
232-0073 JAPAN

 visit artist's website:

  • www.princewoods.com/

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