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Kicken Gallery

The Kicken Gallery has its origins in Aachen, Germany where Rudolf Kicken and Wilhelm Schürmann opened the 'Galerie Lichttropfen' (Drops of Light Gallery) in 1974.

The start of Kicken's career as gallery owner nearly thirty years ago heralded the begin of an unprecedented engagement for the photographic medium in Germany. In 1979, the gallery moved to Cologne, without the former partner, and began operating under the name Kicken. During the Cologne years, Kicken became the leading gallery for art photography in Germany. Since autumn 2000, Rudolf Kicken and his wife Annette run the gallery together in Berlin. The Berlin domicile, in the heart of the capitol city's gallery quarter, is home to a spacious exhibition room, a library and 'Private Showrooms' which invite the curious to delve more deeply into the field of photography.

One of Gallery Kicken's strengths is its variety. Represented are nearly all the great names in art photography from the beginning of the 19th century to the present. The main focus is on the 20th century, especially on the German and Czech avant-garde of the 1920's and 1930's, including Bauhaus and the great masters of the genre: Man Ray, Moholy-Nagy and Rodchenko. 'Subjektive Photographie' (Subjective Photography) from the 1950's, contemporary fashion photography and current conceptual positioning also figure prominently in the gallery's work. Especially in the case of conceptual photography, the borders separating the classic visual arts and photography have finally been eliminated. Overcoming these borders and the discovery of new or until now neglected photographic imagery has always been at the heart of Gallery Kicken's work. Along with the stars of photography's history, anonymous or unusual snapshots have a place in the gallery's program. Furthermore, many well-known photographers such as Helmut Newton or Umbo, first gained recognition on the international art market through the efforts of Gallery Kicken.

The gallery mounts four large exhibitions per year of museum quality. Gallery Kicken regularly participates in the most important international art fairs, and its presence contributes considerably to maintaining photography's important position in the art world. A special focus is the preservation and presentation of material from the estates of Ed van der Elsken, Heinrich Kühn, Rudolf Koppitz, Anton Josef Trcka, Umbo and many others.

As one of the leading galleries for art photography worldwide, Gallery Kicken is committed to the preservation and development of visual culture.

 Contact Information:
email: kicken@kicken-gallery.com

Linienstr. 155
10115 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49-(0)30-288 77 882
Fax: +49-(0)30-288 77 883

 visit website:

  • www.kicken-gallery.com

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