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Leandro Navarro Gallery

Since it’s establishment in 1978, Galeria Leandro Navarro has given special attention to Spanish artists of the Parisian School, from Bores and Cossío to Palencia and Oscar Domínguez, to realist painters like Antonio López García and Carmen Laffon or Isabel Quintanilla and Francisco and Julio López Hernández.

Both the Madrid School and the El Paso Group have been included in its exhibitions.

It later began to incorporate other young realist painters, such as Roberto González or Clara Gangutia.

Works by Solana, Vázquez Díaz, Zabaleta or María Blanchard, and by Picasso or Miró also habitually number among the works of the collection.

Selected Artists: Teresa Duclós, Clara Gangutia, Roberto González Fernández, José Hernandez,Carmen Laffón, Francisco López, Julio López Hernández, César Luengo, Luis Marsans, Antonio Maya, Luis Mayo, José María Mezquita, Antonio Mingote, Joan Mora,Eduardo Naranjo, Sebastián Nicolau, Esperanza Nuere, Gerardo Pita, Isabel Quintanilla, Sebastiá Ramis, Fernando Rodrigo, Eduardo Verdasco,Antony Williams

 Contact Information:
email: galleria@leandro-navarro.com

Amor de Dios, 1
28014 Madrid, Spain
Tel: + 34 91 429 89 55
Fax: +34 91 429 91 55

From 10.00 to 13.30 and
from 17.00 to 20.00
Saturday mornings, prior appointment
Closed August

 visit website:

  • www.leandro-navarro.com

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