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M Sebastian H


The constantly evolving works of Mel Sebastian Howard are an evocation of the rich cultural tapestry that is the artist’s nomadic life experience. Globe trotting parents helped shape the artist’s passion for diversity and propensity to following paths less trodden. The artist’s early years developed in the colourful cultures of the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong in the 70's. Home then became South Africa during the turbulent 80's decade.

During Howard’s years in Johannesburg, a recommendation was made for the artist to abandon formal studies and apply to the prestigious Johannesburg Art Foundation’s(one of the first non-racial institutions in SA) intense Graphic Design Program. At age 15, portfolio strength saw the artist’s acceptance to the tertiary workload program. “Everybody was much older, with the patience and diligence to work within very specific parameters as set out by ‘the client’…” the artist admits, “I didn’t enjoy art when it (the program) enforced time-constraints and another’s take on something so I walked away from it without finishing.”

However, an all-consuming phase of expression through the body-painting medium - after completing a diploma in make-up and special effects from the South African School of Beauty and Make-up – re-fuelled the artist’s next creative phase. The tense atmosphere leading up to the first democratic elections in South Africa, and a life-changing experience saw the artist emigrating to Aotearoa in 1995.

In Aotearoa, Howard completed a Bachelor of Arts at Canterbury University, majoring in Political Science, Mass Communication and Film Studies in 2004. To date, the artist has created three short films and is currently collaborating on a political documentary filmed in New York, 2004 during the mass protests to the Republican national convention. “I used to walk home after school through immense anti-apartheid protests in the Johannesburg city center, but nothing scared me quite like the NYPD and their pre-emptive arrests during those two weeks in New York.” “Regardless of whether you were a protester, the independent press or just a pedestrian - if the barriers went up and you were on the wrong side of it, you were detained.”

Howard maintains that her current works are not just for viewing “My work intends to engage the compelling sensation of touch.” Those who have viewed Howard’s works often reach out to defy or investigate the liquid, grainy and metallic appearance.

Howard's works are included in private collections all over the world, including:
United Kingdom
United States of America

Exhibition History

2004, December 12 – The Green Party’s ‘Great Art Auction’ – Group Exhibition• Other artists included: WD Hammond, Llew Summers, Bing Dawe, Tony De Latour, Niel Dawson

2005, February 2 –26 – ‘Directions’ Solo Exhibition at Cultured Gallery – • Sponsored by Seaview Wines & The Village Grape

2005, March 18-19 – Rotary Club ‘Artex’ Fundraiser – Group Exhibition•

2005, May 23-29 – ‘Autumn Exhibition’ Gallery O – Joint Exhibition•with sculptor Anna Korver. Sponsored by Seaview Wines, St Pierre's Sushi & The Village Grape

2005, May 30- June 5 – 'Canvassing Talent' Gallery O Group Exhibition•Curated by Sue Egden

2005, July 19 – Aug 6 – High Street Project Gallery ‘Come as You are’ Group Exhibition

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  • Abstract

  • Contemporary

  • Landscape

  • Minimal

  • Political

  • Symbolism

  • Urban

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  • Money order

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  • 100 Percent Satisfaction

  •  Contact Information:
    email: msebastianh@xtra.co.nz

    Mel Sebastian H
    Aotearoa New Zealand
    00 64 3 351 1256

     Visit Website:

  • http://msebastianh.vc.net.nz/cgi-bin/WebObjects/ArtFind.woa/2/wa/publicView?ownSiteURL=msebastianh.vc.net.nz&seekType=3&artistCodeToShow=melshowa

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