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Matthias Bruggmann

Matthias Bruggmann - '50 Photographers of Tomorrow' I graduated from the Vevey School of Photography’s Advanced Program, la "Formation Superieure", in two thousand and three. I still do not have a driver’s license, because I am afraid of driving (and because the last time i tried, the car i was driving almost got hit by a mortar shell).

About the work (well, some of it anyway) There used to be a mantra that was taught to people who wanted to become photojournalists. It said "f:eight and be there." "f:eight" – i am using the same gear as photojournalists, not that this is important in itself, but in the sense that I am working with the same constraints as these photographers. "Be there" – i am "there", in that I am in that geographical location at that time of conflict, not that that is important either, other than that I am working with the same subject as these photographers. The idea behind this work is f:eight, be there, yet do something completely different – or at least conceptually different. Amongst other weaknesses, "f:eight, be there" only suggests that a given situation be represented, but not in what way. This work is an attempt at repurposing classical photographic maxims (like the f:eight mantra, or the decisive instant concept, as well as the idea of painting with light), intersecting them tangentially with semiotics and art history – and seeing if the result is interesting. This is an attempt to generate a different reaction to the representation of an event, in that these images function simultaneously as a photojournalistic representation of the event and as a photographic representation of photojournalism.

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 Contact Information:
email: matt@ou-t.ch

Skype: mattbr

 visit artist's website:

  • www.ou-t.ch/2003/matt/

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