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Modern Masters

Modern Masters Fine Art is established in Palm Desert, California and has become an important part of the art community. Highlighting the work of modern and contemporary masters, the gallery also focuses on community interaction through lectures, film viewings and an extensive art library.

While specializing in fine prints and unique works on paper, the gallery's collection also includes painting, sculpture, and illustrated artist's books (livres d'artistes) by modern and contemporary masters. In addition to our own inventory, Modern Masters Fine Art works with dealers and collectors throughout the United States and Europe to source and sell important 20th century works.

We are committed to offering the finest quality artworks and superior value, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in service to our clients. MMFA is also interested in purchasing fine prints, paintings, drawings, and sculptures consistent with the works on this website. If you wish to sell such artworks, please contact us.

MMFA is dedicated to increasing the understanding and appreciation of fine art. For the new season we’ve expanded our space, our inventory, and our scope, to include emerging and mid career artists. Modern is about evolution and new perspectives — at the end of the 19th century the Modern Movement argued that the new realities of the 20th century were permanent and imminent, and that people should adapt their world view to accept that what was new was also good and beautiful. In the tradition of the those 20th century Modern Masters we will continue to look for the New Modern and the New Modern Masters. Contrary to the common notion, Modernism or the avantgarde didn’t make its entrance by breaking with the past. The Modernists got their standards and levels from the best of the past. Modern Masters Fine Art is intent on presenting the best of the past with the most promising of the future.

Selected Artists: Edoardo Villa, Keith Haring, Adolph Gottlieb, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Robert Motherwell, Mel Ramos, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, Christopher Griffin, Daniel Maltzman, Leslie Tejada, Tom Savage, Richard Erdman, Edoardo Villa, Joseph McDonnell.

 Contact Information:
email: info@modernmastersfineart.com

73-200 El Paseo, Suite 3A
Palm Desert, California 92260 USA
Tel: (760) 341-1056
Fax: (760) 340-4793

 visit website:

  • www.modernmastersfineart.com/

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