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Sergei Chernenko

Sergei Chernenko artworks are compelling reflections of mysticism that enter a realm of vibrant abstraction, intricate depiction and incandescence. His canvases are filled with extraordinary figures and fantastic landscapes, illuminating a rich inner vision they characterise the unknown mysteries of existence and memorable vivid new worlds.

His meticulous brushwork and brilliant use of light show an intimacy with Goya, Breugal, and Rembrandt, while the imaginative panorama of subject matter suggest the strong influence of the more mystic surrealists, Bosch, Dali, and De Chirico.

Eastern spiritualism and Western academic realism form the back bone for Sergei`s philosophical framework producing an alliance of spirit and substance. In the invisible borders of unfamiliar worlds, Sergei delves into the correlations of fear and joy, solitude and collision, eternal peace and perpetual movement.

Beholding Sergei`s works, one enters into a voyage encompassing a mental and visceral adventure. The depth of tone and complicated composition produced in oils and pen and ink, fascinate and engage the spectator, surprising and awakening them to their own subterranean meditations.

Sergei was recognised as an emerging talent in his native Ukraine where he studied at the Crimean School of the Arts and Design, participating in his first exhibition at the age of twenty-four entitled, "Young Artists of Ukraine", in 1985.

 Sergei Chernenko art styles:
  • Figurative

  • Illustration

  • Landscape

  • Mythology

  • Nudes

  • Portrait

  • Realism

  • Still Life

  • Surrealism

  •  Contact Information:
    email: sergeichernenko@bezeqint.net

    fax/tel: 972-4-6424432

     visit artist's website:

  • http://www.sergeichernenkofineart.com/

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