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Michael Bevilacqua 'Drawing under the Influence' at Chelsea Art Museum

The Chelsea Art Museum features the exhibition of the drawings of the Michael Bevilacqua. The exhibition has an importance that it is the first exhibition of the drawings of Michael Bevilacqua. The exhibition, 'Drawing under the Influence', which redefines the traditional relationship between drawing and painting is thus termed as the DUI: Fables of the Reconstruction. The exhibition brings out the new wave in the concepts in the art. The exhibition of Michael Bevilacqua is curated by Manon Slome. The exhibition, 'Drawing under the Influence' is open at the Chelsea Art Museum until 24 February, 2007. The works of Michael Bevilacqua are unique, incorporating a drastic change in the basic concept of drawing. Traditionally, the sequence of art was to draw first, as a place where the future paintings are to be mapped. In Michael Bevilacqua’s revival, the drawing is a post facto, which is superimposed after painting the object. The art of Michael Bevilacqua is reviewed as radical as it is formed through the principle of recycling.

The drawings of Michael Bevilacqua are composed Xerox of the images, which is composed of layers, scaled on to the canvas. The templates are amassed on paper, juxtaposed or overlapping.

The templates can be in black and white, acrylic or left untouched. The imagery used by Michael Bevilacqua is also significant as they include persons in the everyday life juxtaposed with the iconic culture. The imageries can be tuned in popular as well as punk culture but still retain the transitional stages of personal and artistic development. Some of the used imageries include the names of favorite band, art historical reference, and illustrations from children’s books such as Sisters of Mercy, Cremaster 4 and the Purple Crayon. The exhibition, 'Drawing under the Influence' is accompanied with a catalogue supported by Galleri Faurschou, Copenhagen. The exhibition seems to be an exciting experience for any art lover as it helps to give a new outlook.

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