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buy art online guide
Avoiding risks
Avoiding risks

How to overcome the disadvantages of buying online

Buying art online can be as safe as buying otherwise, and sometimes even safer. When buying art, it is always advisable to take some precautions in order to avoid possible risks...

buying without seeing

It is true you cannot see the actual piece of art when you buy on the net. Some of the photographs of the art presented online, however, were taken with great professional efforts to give you an idea as close to reality as possible. Some sites even offer you a view of the piece in different settings, frames or wall colors.

Of course, most fine artists know little to nothing about graphic art or computer imaging. This is why at times, you may want to travel to see the actual art piece before purchasing.

You can also ask the artists questions about their pieces.


Like in any other place, the Internet has its own swindlers. Yet, according to my experience, taking but a few precautions can minimize the possible risks of falling into a trap. Tens of thousands buy art online.

damage to delivery

Damage during delivery can happen when you buy art in the traditional way, just as well. In many cases buying online can even be safer in terms of delivery, since if the piece is damaged you may have a money back guarantee.

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