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The ARTcnet.com Fine Art Gallery exhibits the upgraded studios of its renowned international and American artists and artisans, and introduces an 'Under 500 Dollars' gallery that displays quality affordable art.

The ARTcnet.com Fine Art Gallery was opened in 1998 as a vehicle for juried artists to enhance their international reputations. The gallery has been steadily growing in the number of artists represented, the diversity of its site, and in the programs offered. ARTcnet.com exhibits paintings, sculpture, fine crafts, Judaica, photography, artist's books, limited-edition prints and jewelry.

ARTcnet's goals are to act as a cultural bridge among world artists, artisans and collectors, To increase the international reputation of their artists and artisans and to provide an exchange of information, both informally through the forum and more formally through their researched information. With that, they offer caring service to their collectors, artists, artisans and world community.
Statement: "Many of our buyers are busy with developing their professional lives and have requested that I separate the less expensive artwork. The division preserves the integrity of our gallery and gives both young and mature buyers the opportunity to purchase affordable art for their homes and offices."
- President Phyllis Zemble

 Art gallerie's prices:
  • This gallery sells its cheapest item for $200

  • This art gallery's most expensive item goes for $2500


     Contact Information:
    email: phyllis@artcnet.com

     Visit Website:

  • http://www.artcnet.com/

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