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Connie Netherton Studios

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Connie Netherton representational paintings . The Dutch Masters of the 1600 ’s provide the inspiration and the challenge. Executed with a reverence for the objects represented and for light, color and mystery. Each piece is a moment of stillness. The abstract values of art form the foundation of each work but they are completed through skill in the craft of painting.
Statement: Art is unique to each individual and to that end, I view each piece as a unique opportunity to create and share in the feeling of the Dutch Masters.

 Art gallerie's prices:
  • This gallery sells its cheapest item for $700

  • This art gallery's most expensive item goes for $5000


     Contact Information:
    email: artist@connienetherton.com

    Connie Netherton Studios
    214 Riverside Drive
    Suite 607
    New York, NY 10025

     Visit Website:

  • http://www.connienetherton.com

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