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Richard Young Art

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Sensual and tastefully erotic original fine art nude and figurative oil paintings and pastels.

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Statement: My passion for figurative painting, influenced and inspired by the works of many classical fine arts painters, from Bouguereau to Modigliani, has helped me develop a true sense of realism and convey both mood and atmosphere in my work. I simply adore light and am fascinated with its arguably undue influence on any subject. After all, without light, what is art? Unlike the vast majority of past and current artists, I delve extensively between the extremes of highlights and lowlights in my artwork, leaving the viewer\'s mind to fill in the gaps. I believe that the nude in particular is undoubtedly the ultimate natural subject in purity of form, and hence it features predominantly throughout my artwork.
To quote Shakespeare: "The excellence of every art is its intensity, capable of making all disagreeables evaporate, from their being in their close relationship with beauty and truth."
Indeed, purchasing, owning and living with an original artwork is an exciting and extremely personal experience, whether it\'s a nude or not. It is also both satisfying and fulfilling, a way of seeing the world differently, seeing yourself differently, opening and challenging your thoughts to a different perspective and wider dimension, arousing your senses and stimulating your mind, let alone uniquely transforming an area of your home to one that you can truly be proud of. Art should be viewed, pondered, admired,exhibited, proudly displayed, carefully scrutinized, and to benefit to the fullest extent possible, it should be understood from the perspective of its creator - the artist.
This is obviously not always quite as simple as it seems. Art should be a thing of beauty, not merely an investment. My exhibitions should therefore hopefully be a friendly and enjoyable place to look at examples of my artwork, irrespective of whether anyone is interested in purchasing a piece.
In the words of Oscar Wilde:"The pleasure that one has in creating a work of art is a purely personal pleasure, and it is for the sake of this pleasure that one creates. The artist works with his eye on the object. Nothing else interests him. What people are likely to say does not even occur to him. He is fascinated by what he has in hand. He is indifferent to others. If my work pleases the few, I am gratified. If it does not, it causes me no pain."
My artwork is proudly displayed in galleries, corporate offices and the residences of private collectors worldwide, primarily in the USA.

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  • This gallery sells its cheapest item for $189

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     Contact Information:
    email: inquiries@ryoung-art.co.uk

    Ashleigh House
    Ashleigh Road
    Devon EX32 8JY
    Tel.: 0044 1271 344548

     Visit Website:

  • http://www.ryoung-art.com/

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