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Aboriginal Art
A Verbal History
A Verbal History

Aboriginal art establishing both a verbal history and the intrinsic connection to nature

Art was a job given traditionally to the men in Aboriginal society and women were allowed to create a set number and types of works, while men were given the task of creating rock paintings and artifacts. The achievement of status in Aboriginal culture was through the acquisition of knowledge, and not by merit of material possessions, and art is the prominent sign of knowledge.

Art was customarily created and viewed only by those initiated to the proper level of awareness.

For the most part, the art was meant to tell a story taken from the culture's folklore and their version of the world creation; its significance was mainly for ritualistic purposes and the reiteration of the tribe's vital connection to the nature surrounding it. Art was a form of establishing history and reiterating the way in which Aboriginals view reality and the boundary between reality and dreams.

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