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Art Styles

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This is not so much an artistic style, but rather a mentality that sprung up in the art world and placed the justification for art not in social or moral terms, but in terms of pure beauty.
Art existed to be beautiful and nothing more; it would take the best of reality and enhance it. The famous quote that is best associated with this kind of mentality is “L'art pour l'art”, meaning art for arts sake alone. Thus the criticism of art should stay entirely independent from the political or social realities that the art was created in, and from the possibility that it may carry content now no longer in favor. Today this kind of thinking would seem in most places to demean art, as the artist is given no social function, his/her voice is flattened out to modulate only the most beautiful version of reality and nothing else. The scenes depicted seem frivolous, whimsical or too perfect to be true, which they all are.

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