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Die Brucke
Die Brucke

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Also called "The Bridge Group"

The Bridge group was a German group of Expressionist artists that began working in tandem in Dresden , in the years 1905-1906. Three young architecture students from Dresden began it; Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and later on they would be joined by Max Pechstein, Otto Mueller and Emile Nolde.

The name Die Brucke' came from using an intercept from Nietzsche's book So Said Zaratustra', who spoke of man functioning as a bridge to experience and happiness. Man was not to live for himself alone, and the Bridge group extended this logic to art. Art for arts sake lacked legitimacy, and this group would attempt to utilizes art to communicate to the viewer; they wanted to merge the spiritual significance art could contain with the functionality of everyday living. Thus art would become another field of life, of reality, and not separated from it. This intense ideology was meant attract the young, revolutionary talents to action; to make their ideals a reality by reaching the public. Objects were painted in colors that had no relation to their coloring in nature, perspectives were warped beyond identification, angles were left sharp and pointed to create tension in the scene and there is a multitude of confusing details that makes understanding even more impossible

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