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Art Styles
Environmental art
Environmental art

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Art out of landscape

This is a new, modern kind of artistic creation in which the artist doesn't use a canvas or one Buy Original Environmental Artsingle material with which to make the piece. However, calling any art form that utilizes nature for its purposes can never actually be considered a truly new invention in a world filled with archeological findings that span many millennia. Since the dawn of time, cultures have used their environments to indicate, celebrate or document their current values, be they religious and ceremonial or simply convenient; from the ancient tribal art to be seen in South America, Africa and Australia to the Western sites of the stone works in the British Isles and Europe . But in the 1960's this form of art making was revived with a modern twist, attempting to liberate the artist from the practical confines of walls and ceilings, materials and lighting.

Blurring the distance between the outdoors and the indoors, and also between reality and art

In the controlled environment of the gallery or the studio, the distinction between art and reality is ever kept safe. The very manner in which is cultivated and presented to the viewer creates a distance between them that cannot be blurred. Here the viewer is presented with a slice of landscape that is itself the work. Quite like installation art, in which the artist presets the entire space of the gallery as one cohesive unit of work; shaping and influencing it, placing objects in it and introducing specifically chosen elements into it- so does the environmental artist present us with an outdoor space that functions as art. In this contained environment, the artist may change it visually, add moving elements to it or change it in other ways; it may be combined with artifacts or sculptures. The setting was treated in much the same way a theatre decorator would treat a stage- as a platform appropriate to the expression it should convey. This form of art is meant to be experienced with all the senses and the viewer has the unique experience of standing inside the work, not on the outside looking in. Reality and art become one solid unit that cannot be separated and therefore must be experienced whole, giving the work tangibility and directness that is difficult to achieve in any closed, sterile environment. The better known names of this art form are Georges Segal, Claes Oldenberg and Edward Kienholz.



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