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Gutai [Japan]
Gutai [Japan]

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Gutai is a group of Japanese artists that was founded by Jiro Yoshiwara and fifteen other artists in 1954 in Osaka .

Yoshiwara is considered the Japanese pioneer into abstract painting and he used short, aggressive brushstrokes, leaving large areas of the canvas blank.Yoshiwara lead the group almost until his death in 1972, and by that time the group had exhibited in over twenty exhibitions. It reached its height in the 50's and 60's and dissimilated with Yoshiwara's death in the early 70's. In the early years the Gutai group was known for their Neo-Dadaist paintings and performance art such as 'happenings'. In later years; around the 50's and later, the group produced abstract paintings that were radically minimalist and indicative of the 'Zen' mentality. This was a sign of the powerful influences from the abstract, expressionist groups working in the West at the time.


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