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Maori art
Maori art

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Maori art is made by the indigenous Polynesians of New Zealand.

As with all the Oceanic and tribal cultures, this art work was never considered art' in the sense that is accepted in the West. Rather, art was inexplicably a part of everyday life; it served the cultural, social and religious needs of the community. This is an ancient and complex culture that used its art in almost every aspect of life; from small wood carvings, brightly woven fabrics and engravings and other artifacts to the boats and houses. Wood carving became a signature skill among the Maoris; statues etched with fine precision and elaborate swirling decorations. The Maoris are intrinsically creative and the Maori style is composed of complicated swirling patterns, stylized images of flowers and wildlife, and even human figures. They are typically finished with a smooth polish and the human figures are depicted with stern or even frightening visages. This is best displayed in the Maori body art, as the young people tattoo their bodies with these intricate designs.

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