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Naïve art
Naïve art

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Naive refers to art that has been deliberately executed in a way that seems childish and unskilled.

This style of painting or sculpting isn't associated with one particular group or artistic movement, but shows up in various places and time periods. It is a style calculated to come through as over-simplified, founded in an emotional rather than an intellectual mentality. The trappings of centuries of technique refinement and the usual tools with which an artist usually employs his/her artistic creativity are left aside for a much more direct approach; there are no such mediators in naïve art, as it is meant to be young and forthright- obtusely unsophisticated. Most often it is combined with rudimentary color work, a palette of bright, glowing colors that look uncomplicated. The themes are either Since the very beginning of the 20 th century naïve imagery and technique began to show up all around the world. The first formal naïve exhibition was organized by Wilhelm Udhe in 1928 and it included some prominent names, among which were Grandma Moses, Henri Julien Rousseau, Seraphine Louis, Hicks, Cami Bombois and Vivin. These exhibitions was considered something of a novelty in the art world, as these artists were not well-known and most were basically amateur artists from other walks of life. Yet their work is rated an important contribution to the art world, and the deliberately childish technique or a calculated depiction of the world through that particular child-like lens was then later used and implemented in an enormous variety of other artistic styles. Rousseau, who was also in his private life a man of naiveté and bumbling clashes with society, became known in his own life-time and today stands as a proud legacy of French art-history. Rejected in the early years of his career, his themes eventually gained respect; namely delicately executed portraits, idyllic portrayals of the suburban neighborhoods of Paris or his famous series of exotic fantasies that were first sketched from images from his daily walks in the park.

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