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Orphism is one of the artistic styles to emerge from the Cubist movement. This is also the reason it is sometimes referreBuy Original Orphism Artd to as 'Orphic Cubism'. The name of the style refers to the singer and poet Orpheus of Greek mythology and he signified these artists aspiration to separate themselves from the harshly linear Cubism and soften the tone of the shapes to create more lyrical and expressive images. Orphic art aspires to do two individual tasks separately and simultaneously; the first is to please the eye aesthetically and visually with a clear and obvious composition, and the second is to fill that new image with noble content. An art critic named Guillaume Apollinaire coined the term in reference to a composition technique he found again and again in the works of Robert Delaunay , Fernand Leger , Francis Picabia and Marcel Duchamp. Apollinaire described this technique as being “the art of assembling new structures and shapes from elements that are taken from the artist's personal world and not from images already found in the present, visual world”. It is the artist, therefore, that breathes life into these shapes and makes them 'real'. Partly influenced from the Futurist movement in Italy , they spurned the Cubist narrow-view of using the same bank of images to reflect reality in a way that still seemed mundane and lacking in true personal style. The need to individualize artistic expression was a major point of this group and they used juxtapositional combinations of shapes and significances to make their point. The clash of shapes and opposing colors and the interrelations that seemed to exist between these contrasting elements was the Orphic main characteristic.

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