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Post Impressionism
Post Impressionism

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An art critique by the name of Roger Fry first coined this term in the 1910 Exhibition in the Grafton Gallery in London. The artists participating in the exhibition were Paul Cezzane, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat. The second Post-Impressionist exhibition was a year later, and Picasso and Braque exhibited there. This term is misleading, as it more closely refers to a period in time, rather than an actual artistic style. Though the three artists of the first exhibition have little in common in their own individual styles, it is their very individuality that binds them. All three were determined to resist the pull of genre painting; all were outsiders in the Salon society of Paris. The Impressionist movement had been loosely contained to begin with and in the 1880's it collapsed entirely. In it's wake two separate styles emerged;-On the one hand there were such artists as Seurat and Cezzane, who both experimented in finding new ways to present the shapes inherit in our surroundings and thus contributed to Cubism and Abstract art, and on the other hand there were Gauguin and Van Gogh who both searched for more refined techniques in which the artist could convey emotions and his subjective view. This split in the movement between objective and subjective, between a more classically-oriented thinking and a more romantic, personalized stance is by no means concrete. That is to say that no one direction was wholly romantic or wholly objective. Each carried elements of each and both chose a more geometric representation of figures, rather than a naturalistic approach than the Impressionists themselves. Thus this broad term also refers to the Symbolist style, the Neo-Impressionist style, the Fauvists, and certainly helped along with the subsequent emergence of the emergence of the Expressionists.

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