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Science Fiction
Science Fiction

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Since science fiction art has essentially remained outside the realm of "real" art, their superb draftsmanship, extraordinary and expressive vision, and remarkably telling iconography may surprise all viewers--except for rare connoisseurs or collectors of the genre, such as the owners of this collection, Howard and Jane Frank. The Franks, who also have a significant collection of science fiction books, have been acquiring science fiction art for three decades. This is the first comprehensive exhibition of their unique collection.

These images, most of which have been published as illustrations, have rarely been seen in full scale as original paintings. Even more rarely have they been viewed as serious art or studied as part of twentieth century art history. The accompaning full color catalogue includes illustrations of all of the works and essays that discuss science fiction art not only from an art historical perspective, but also show us how important these images have been to scientific advancement and how they are closely intertwined with popular culture.

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