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Content for this page was written by Dejo
Toyism, 9 toyists
On 24 February 1993, the Toyism art movement was first introduced to the Dutch public. With the introduction of Toyism, the initiators reinstated structure in the art world, long dominated by individualism which had already celebrated its heyday for many years.

The basis of this movement was founded earlier in an important manifesto, which today, has still not lost its value.
The manifesto has however been rewritten, making it more accessible for other artists to join.
What is Toyism?
As a figurative style, Toyism originates from an impulse for innovation and as a reaction to the age of the Ego. For a number of years much emphasis had been laid upon the individual but with the introduction of Toyism a certain order once again took centre stage. Although Toyism is not readily captured by any one sentence or genre, it can be recognised by its figurative style. The exciting play of smooth lines with sharp boundaries, dots and the power of bright contrasting colours, gives the paintings an extremely vivacious character. Existing Toyism philosophies can be retraced in each piece; translated into clear, direct image.

The world of the Toyists consists of fragments and moments; their work is often anecdotal but at the same time wilful and rich in fantasy. It is a recognisable world, which nevertheless contains the bizarre within. In Toyism the story line is essential. Every Toyist portrays his own unique story and by doing so adds a new dimension to Toyism. After the manifesto was rewritten in October 2002, the movement became more accessible to fresh, young artists.

Every Toyist works under a chosen pseudonym. With this name the work is signed. In combination with Toyistic puppet every Toyist is recognizable. It's not the face that is important, it's about the art which is carried out. The founders Mr. Dejo and Mr. Blaak have since been joined by Mr. Jaf'r, Mr. Miku, Mr. Link, Mr. Alfago all from the Netherlands and Mr. Toescat from New York and Miss Sassy from Austin, Texas USA. Together they represent the original movement, each adding their own accent to the expression of the ideas. In this way the style continues to undergo an explosion in growth, ensuring that future artists from other countries and cultures who join will make a definite impact on the movement.

The manifesto "mother" for the movement Toyism
Written by Dejo in September 1992 Authenticated fixed on 1993 April 23 under number: 93A1903wm,
by Mr.W.M.A. Mikx, notary at Emmen, Netherlands.
The contents of this manifesto have been only intended for the artists who take part in the movement Toyism. Of them absolute confidentiality is ordered.

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