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Take a Dip into Contemporary American Art
If you are looking for something fresh and different, then head for the University of Virginia Art Museum this September. An exhibition titled ‘Complicit! Contemporary American Art and Mass Culture’ will be on view from September 1 to October 29, 2006. Be prepared for some unconventional ideas on art.

The intriguing title of the exhibition, which is purposefully chosen to challenge the outdated methods in art, is the brainchild of Johanna Drucker, the curator of the exhibition. In the recently published book, ‘Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity,’ Drucker had thrown up some challenges to the academic and critical establishment. He was highly critical for the use of outdated ideas to value modern day art works.

Contemporary artists are making use of images of mass culture to convey their messages. These artists want to initiate a dialogue with people from all walks of life. Their main aim is to challenge the existing assumption of art among the general public.

The exhibition features more than 60 works in every medium including paint sculpture, photography and printing. The works on display are of well known and emerging artists who have already created ripples in the field of art through their provocative works. The exhibition also aims for healthy interaction through thought-provoking questions in the descriptive labels.

University of Virginia Art Museum is incorporating all modern day methods to present the exhibition including podcast interviews with selected artists. The museum web site is constantly updating on the developments taking place with regard to the exhibition.

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