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Automotive Art is thematic and comes in many styles including impressionistic, realism, pop art, and in the form of drawings, paintings, etchings, airbrush, photographs, posters, sculptures and models.

The earliest examples of automotive art were paintings and drawings used as advertising to sell the first cars from the pioneering motorcar manufacturers such as Buick, Daimler and Renault. Some of the motoring ads of the 70's from Ford, Oldsmobile and Cadillac still used automotive art to present the image they desired. And for several years the Jaguar calendar was painted by many well known artists including George Bishop up until just a few years ago.

As motoring became more popular and motor racing began to develop as a major sport for the masses the speed and thrills of the race were recorded by artists who captured the excitement and danger in wonderful paintings good examples of these early racing paintings can be seen in the advertising posters for the Monaco Grand Prix and Le Mans races.

In the 16th 17th and 18th centuries it was common for the wealthy to commission oil paintings and drawing portraits of there expensive blood stock such as bulls, pigs and of course race horses, personal records of their prized and treasured possessions to hang on their walls and this habit has continued and in modern times and now includes vintage and classic cars, super sports cars and other expensive toys like aircraft and power boats and this original art is now decorating the enthusiasts' business, home, garage and museums.

Today there any many working automotive artists, who offer a range of auto art including portraits of your own special car and you can buy them for prices that range from a couple of hundred dollars to many 1000's of dollars, much of there work can be found and purchased online and if you prefer there are a number of real world Automotive Art galleries such as Legacy Motors Art Gallery in Chicago and l'art et l'automobile in East Hampton, where you can go and visit and see the actual work up close.

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