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ART-VOLGA Gallery - the only online gallery representing the artists of Povolzhskiy region of Russia worldwide.

Using the unlimited opportunities which Internet provides in the way of distributing the information, we give the Russian artists living away from the well-known cultural centers an excellent opportunity to become popular not only locally, but worldwide, by presenting their artworks in our gallery. It is the perfect opportunity for them to get new orders and clients, start new creative contacts and find new admirers. The main task of ART-VOLGA Gallery is to help the artists to sale the artworks presented in our online gallery.

ART-VOLGA Gallery actively cooperates with the professional organizations representing the interests of art community. These organizations mainly include the regional branches of the Russian Artists Union, and our gallery has established strong business contacts with all of them.

Our exposition policy assumes the maximal openness and readiness to cooperate with all artists, irrespective of their geographical place of residence. Therefore on our site you can find the artworks not only from artists of Povolzhskiy region, but also from other regions. The only criterion of artworks selection to the gallery exposition is the professionalism and talent of the author.

In contrast with other online galleries trading the 'remote' art, we offer only the artworks which are available directly 'here and now'. It allows us to quickly solve all the questions connected with placing and accepting your order, including the quality check of the artworks offered.

We try to give our visitors and clients a maximum of opportunities to work with the art placed in the gallery and do everything possible for you to be satisfied with your choice of art!

 Art gallerie's prices:
  • This gallery sells its cheapest item for $100

  • This gallery sells the most expensive for $10000

  • The average price is around $600.

  •  ART-VOLGA Art Styles:
  • Abstract

  • Automotive

  • Cityscape

  • Classical

  • Computer

  • Conceptual

  • Contemporary

  • Cubism

  • Expressionism

  • Fantasy

  • Figurative

  • Floral

  • Folk

  • Historical

  • Illustration

  • Impressionism

  • Landscape

  • Mixed Media

  • Modern

  • Mythology

  • Nudes

  • Photorealism

  • Political

  • Portrait

  • Religious

  • Rural

  • Seascape

  • Still Life

  • Surrealism

  • Symbolism

  • Techno-Art

  • Transportation

  • War

  • Wildlife

  • Purism

  •  ART-VOLGA Payment Options:
  • Escrow

  •  Special features:
  • Product search engine

  • International Orders

  •  ART-VOLGA Delivery Methods:
  • International Shipping

  • Federal Express 3 Day

  • EMS Express Courier

  • DHL

  • UPS

  •  ART-VOLGA Return Policies:
  • 100 Percent Satisfaction

  •  Contact Information:
    email: anna@paintingofrussia.com

     Visit Website:

  • http://www.paintingofrussia.com

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