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The very first Conceptual artist, by general consensus, is Marcel Duchamp, the “lone wolf” of modern art, a man determined to shatter each and every artistic convention and make a place for himself as the anti-artist. Some other names from this school are On Kawara, Daniel Buren, Victor Burgin, Don Burgy, Josef Kosuth, Sol le Witt, Donald Jedd and Bruce Nauman. Art existed beyond the physical confines of the canvas or the material, it was an act of consciousness-art was first and foremost an original thought, and only achieved corporality through the medium. This was the heart of conceptual thinking. It was a tool for making other people think, as well; a tool with which the artist could shock the viewer into a new perspective. Thus any choice could become an act of art at work. The importance of craftsmanship and technique in the visual arts no longer held the same worth as they did. Art could now be ready made'; choosing an object and instilling it with artistic significance was art. Art could be theoretical, intellectual- it need not be easily explained.

This school of thought gave the concept the greatest emphasis in the creative process. Many artistic styles were influenced by this mentality, most of them non-figurative styles of the 60's and 70's: The Dadaists of Duchamp, the Minimalists, who tried to reduce art down to its essence, to compound it so drastically that it almost disappeared, Performance artists, Body artists, Earth artists and even Process artists.

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 A Picture of Britain Online Gallery 
 artgallery.co.uk , Surrey, UKOnline Gallery 
 ART-VOLGA , Test Address 87, USAOnline Gallery 
 Galerie Thomas Schulte  , Berlin, GermanyFine Art Gallery 
 Studio 68 - Section 6 Online Gallery 

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