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A term specifically referring to the artistic style that began with a small group of artists called the BRIGDE group ['Kunstler Gruppe Die Brucke'] that worked in Germany in the years 1905-1925 and more generally applies to the importance of the artist's personal emotional expression in his\her work. The artists of the group were Emil Nolde, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Erich Hekel, Max Pechstein and Otto Miller.

Expressionism began at first as a reactionary movement against the shallow, anemic realism of the late 19th century, and some early indications of it can be seen in the works of Paul Gaugin and Vincent van Gogh, though only later on did it become a real debate on the importance of the artist's personal involvement in the work. The magnitude of bringing a personal interpretation to the work, instead of simply depicting it as traditionally acceptable allowed artists to express their slant on reality with whatever means at hand- warped perspectives, wild clashes of color and eclectic influences.

The original German Expressionist group believed that art had a very real part to play in the structure of society and the power plays of politics. They first explored the signature styles of the late Post-Impressionists and the artists of the 'Art Nouveau', though they were also captivated by primitive art, 15th print-making and the Nordic styles of the Gothic period. The style is characterized by sharp angle compositions and a tightly compressed array of tiny details. The structure is edgy so that the themes hold more tension; it looks roughly composed and unfinished, a barely controlled chaos.

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