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Buying art

The actual act of buying on the net is probably the easiest step of the procedure. It usually involves only filling a form and clicking the "send" button.

Commercial Potential of Buying Art
Prices, however, also reflect the commercial potential of the piece, and therefore well known artist can charge more than less famous ones. Here is in fact your chance as an investor: if you recognize a talented artist who is not yet well known, you can get a higher price on his/her artworks when they become famous.

Ways of Paying
The easiest and safest way to pay on the net is to fill in a confidential form and give the number of your credit card. Such forms insure that only the sellers can read the number of your card. Another way you can pay is by calling the sellers and purchase off line. Most sites accept major credit cards, including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Other Ways to pay
Some sites are more flexible with paying possibilities and may accept money orders, wires, or other forms of payment. If this is how you prefer to pay, contact the sellers via email.

Confirmation of Your Order
It is customary that the sellers will send you an email confirming your purchase of an artwork within 48 hours. Check these procedures with the site you intend to buy from.

Taxes vary according to your residence, and according to the place the artwork is sent from. For instance, when you order from an American site and you live within the European Union you will be charged Value Added Tax or its equivalent. I recommend finding out with the sellers about specific taxes before buying.

Money back guarantee
Credible sellers of art online offer a money back guarantee within a certain period of time from the date of delivery, so you can send back the piece if it is not exactly what you wanted

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