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Verifying the Originality

You can buy art online just for yourself, or as a present for someone dear to you. Another reason to buy art is as an investment in order to sell it later for a higher price. In both these cases the originality of the piece is crucial. Here are some suggestions of how to verify the originality of the artwork you intend to buy

The Meaning of Original Art

Some pieces of art, mostly such as painting and sculptures, have only one original copy. In such case all you need in order to verify originality is the signature of the artist. Other media, however, such as photography or prints, may have more than one original copy. Artists may produce a limited amount of prints of the same piece. In this case you have to make sure your copy is both signed and numbered by the artist.

Checking Authenticity through the Net

Authenticity can be easier to check when buying art online. Authentic artworks are usually signed and numbered by the artists. In cases signing the actual work is impossible, ask for a signed artist authenticity statement. The statement may include, besides the signature of the artist, the date of creation and the title of the piece, its dimensions, and any other detail you wish to include

When an Authenticity Statement is not available

In buying art online, like in other ways of buying, this statement may not be available if the artist is deceased, and in other rare cases. In such cases you can ask for a document signed by an independent expert that can insure the originality of the artwork you intend to buy. See how to make sure the piece is original.

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