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Buying art
Taking the Right Decision

Define Your Purpose of Purchase
There are a few reasons for you to buy art. You may want a decoration for your home, a special present for someone who loves art, or you might wish to invest in art. You may also be an independent collector, or an exchequer for a certain institute. These are very different purposes for buying art, and each purpose defines its own demands. Consider not only the piece itself, but the range of prices and the reputation of the artist. Once you have defined all these elements, looking for the exact piece that suits you will be much easier.
Your Personal Taste is more important than Fashion
Don't be afraid to trust your own intuition. In buying art your personal taste is the final test. You cannot buy something you absolutely hate just because the artist is very popular and it is a good investment. The best choice always takes into account that emotional "click" between you and the piece.
A Quality Beyond Technique
There are many artists with amazing technique. But excellent art needs more than technique. A good piece of art should always have that touch of brilliance, that ability to communicate something which is more than the subtotal. If the only good thing you can say about the piece is that the artist knows how to control his/her material, don't buy it.

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