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Modern art is a general term used for most of the artistic production from the late 19th century until approximately the 1970s. (Recent art production is more often called Contemporary art or Postmodern art). Modern art refers to the then new approach to art where it was no longer important to represent a subject realistically — the invention of photography had made this function of art obsolete. Instead, artists started experimenting with new ways of seeing, with fresh ideas about the nature, materials and functions of art, often moving further toward abstraction.The notion of modern art is closely related to Modernism.

By the late 19th century, several movements which were to be influential in modern art had begun to emerge: Impressionism, centered around Paris, and Expressionism, which first emerged in Germany.

These movements did not necessarily identify themselves as being associated with progress, or personal artistic freedom, but instead argued, in the style of the times, that they represented universal values and reality. The Impressionists argued that people do not see objects, but only the light which they reflect, and therefore painters should paint in natural light rather than in studios, and should capture the effects of light in their work.

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 A Picture of Britain Online Gallery 
 Original Art Source Online Gallery 
 ArtToGet.com , London, UK. Tel Aviv, IsraelOnline Gallery 
 Hampel-Auctions.com  , Munich, Germany 
 Patrick Gysemberg Artist Gallery 
 @Gallery Tagboat , Tokyo, JapanOnline Gallery 
 Annex Galleries , Santa Rosa, CA,USAOnline Gallery 
 Anthony Meier Fine Arts , San Francisco, CA,USAFine Art Gallery 
 ART-VOLGA , Test Address 87, USAOnline Gallery 
 Aye Gallery , Beijing, ChinaFine Art Gallery 
 Barbara Mathes Gallery , New York, NY,USAFine Art Gallery 
 Bernard Jacobson Gallery  , London, UKFine Art Gallery 
 Edward B. Gordon Artist Gallery 
 Galleries Sternberg , Chicago, IL, USAFine Art Gallery 
 Gary Nader Fine Art , Miami, FL, USAFine Art Gallery 
 Gimpel Fils  , London, UKFine Art Gallery 
 IPhoto Central , Chalfont, PA, USAOnline Gallery 
 Jason McCoy , New York, NY, USAFine Art Gallery 
 Jerald Melberg Gallery , Charlotte, NC, USA Fine Art Gallery 

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